Frequently Asked Questions

“Discover Art Nearby”

That’s not just a phrase on our landing page – it’s our mission.

Artwell Guide’s goal is simple: Be the best fine art exhibition listing site on the web.

To help you learn more about what we do, and how we do it, we’ve put together the following FAQ information flow. We hope you find it informative and useful.

What is Artwell Guide?

Artwell Guide is a web platform designed to showcase and promote fine art exhibitions.

Unlike any other, Artwell Guide is visually driven, easy to use, and most importantly, it gives you control of your content.

I only see one location, are you only available in New York City?

For now, yes. Artwell Guide is launching in New York City in the Spring of 2014. Because the Artwell Guide experience is at its best when fully populated with exhibition listings, our market expansion will be driven by demand. So if you're outside NYC and represent a gallery, museum, cultural center or school and would like to publish your exhibition & event information on Artwell Guide's platform - please let us know and help spread the word! You can email us at: newmarkets@artwellguide.com.

So, how does it work?

Like many of the largest, most successful web platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Artwell Guide is built on a simple idea: build a platform around a concept and let the users have control over their content.

We have an easy sign-up process for any gallery, museum, cultural center, school or other venue to submit to Artwell Guide for approval. Once we verify the information, the platform is yours to use.

Once approved, you’ll be able to publish all your upcoming, current and even past exhibition information and images to the site. You’ll be able upload:

  • Exhibition Title & Artist Names
  • Images (varies depending on selected plan)
  • Start and End dates
  • Reception date & time
  • Press Release
  • Links to any press coverage
  • List other events like Artist Talks/Book Signings

In addition, if an approved venue is participating in an art fair, you will be able to create a specific exhibition for that fair and have an easy, up-to-the-date way to promote all works available, in real time.

Great, how much does it cost?

Artwell Guide is free to use! We also offer a Premium account upgrade for venues looking for a more robust presence on the site.

What’s the difference between the Free and Premium accounts?

The Sign Up process gives you a clear, side-by-side comparison of the benefits for each plan. But to answer the question, the biggest difference is Premium accounts can upload unlimited images. Premium accounts can also link directly to individual art pieces listed for sale on other online sites such as Artsy or Artspace and promote any artist talks or book signings happening at your venue.

Can you switch from Free to Premium at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your account to Premium at any time. There are multiple points where an upgrade link is available and you can always make the switch at your settings page. If your account switches from Premium back to Free, all exhibitions listed on the site will be scaled back to match the Free criteria set.

Do you offer banner advertising on the site?

No, Artwell Guide is committed to keeping the site free from banner advertising, allowing collectors, enthusiasts, curators and press to have the pleasure of experiencing the art in an uncluttered environment.

I’m an artist, can I use Artwell Guide to promote my work?

Artwell Guide is specifically designed to showcase art exhibitions that are open to the public. At this time, the platform is not available for individual artists to promote their work.

Want more info on Artwell Guide?

If you’d like to learn more or have specific questions about how Artwell Guide works or just want to share your feedback about the site, please feel free to contact us at: info@artwellguide.com.